Our Ancestors were few but our Descendants are many
Our Ancestors were few but our Descendants are many

Board of Trustees


There were 9 elected trustees and trustees are elected to 3 year terms with staggered expirations. There are two appointed trustees. One from the City and one from the church. Currently Cindy Balthazor is an elected trustee and also is the liaison trustee from the church.  On May 27th, 2017, the board of trustees will expand from 9 to 15 trustees to add more diversity and involvement by some of our descendants.  All trustees are required be  decendants of Damar or spouses of decendants from Damar.  There are 2 vacant trustee positions available and we hope to fill them with younger adults that are living or descendants of Damar


                    Meet the Trustees

and their French genealogy that tie to the original ancestors of Damar



Kaylon Roberts-President

Kaylon, is the eldest son of Edmund(Cotton) and Rita(St. Peter) Roberts.  His grandparents were David and Georgina(Plant) Roberts, and Joseph and Rosella(Benoit) St. Peter. He has 4 brothers and one sister.  Kaylon is retired living in Damar.  He is a veteran and worked for the State of Colorado as an accountant for most of his life.

Len Schamber-Vice President

Len is the eldest son of Leonard and Lorena (Newell)Schamber.  He and wife Linda both serve on the Board.  His father was of German descent from Victoria, but his mother was one of many children born to Fred and Celina(Morel) Newell.  Len has 5 sisters in addition to his brother Linus who together own Schamber Historic Preservation.

Linda Schamber-Secretary

Linda is the wife of Len Schamber, although not a descendant of Damar, she and her husband have been long time residents. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.  Linda is a  retired teacher and homemaker.


James Desbien-Treasurer

Jim and his wife Paula both serve as trustees.  He is the third oldest of seven children of Phillip (Red) and Verna (Simoneau) Desbien.  The grandparents were Medric and Matilda Desbien, and Oliver and Blanche Simoneau. They have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.  Jim is retired and was in Banking for his entire career.

Paula Desbien-Membership chairwoman

Paula is the eldest of 7 children born to Lawrence and Mary (Kerr) Giersch.  Her father from the Salina area is not of French descent, but her mother the  yougest of 7 children of William and Elizabeth (Newell) Kerr.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Maxim and Minnie (Trembley) Newell.   Paula is semi-retired and  worked in Health Care her entire career.

Denis Roberts-Vice president

Denis along with his wife Jeanie serve as a trustees.He is the second son of Edmund(Cotton) and Rita(St. Peter) Roberts.  His grandparents were David and Georgina(Plant) Roberts, and Joseph and Rosella(Benoit) St. Peter. He has 4 brothers and one sister.   Denis worked as an insurance agent for years and is semi-retired, now working parttime as a real estate agent.  He and Jeanie have 4 children,12 grandchildren and one great  grandchild.

Jeanie Roberts-trustee

Jeanie is one of 5 girls born to Arthur and Elsie (Marcotte) Arpin.  Her grandparents were Xaiver and Rosa(Newell) Arpin and Frank and Elizabeth(
Desmarteau) Marcotte. She and Denis have 4 children,12 grandchildren and one great grandchild. She is a Homemaker. 

Dennis Balthazor-trustee

Dennis and his wife Cindy both serve as trustees.  Dennis is one of 4 children born to Leland and Bonnie(Belisle) Balthazor.  His grandparents were Elmo(Bus) and Eva (Hamel) Belisle and Jerm and Rose(Roberts) Balthazor.  Great grandparents were Maximilian (Mack) and Melinie (Dussault) Roberts,  Henry and Delia Hamel,  William and Daisy Belisle, and John and Arsalie(Couture) Balthazor.

Dennis and Cindy have 4 children and eleven grandchildren. Dennis is retired and does volunteer work. He was a teacher and worked in the oil field career most of his life.

Cindy Balthazor-trustee and Church appointed liason

Cindy(Billinger) Balthazor grew up in southern Rooks county along with  2 sisters.  Cindi and Dennis have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.  She is a retired teacher, substitute teacher, homemaker and parttime artist. 


Cheryl (Roy)Calvin was born to Johnny and          Roy.   Cheryl and her husand      live in Stockton. (need added information)

Sandy Benoit-trustee and City appointed liason

Sandy is married to Don Benoit who has deep roots in Damar.  She and Don have 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  She works fulltime doing office bookkeeping in  both Hill City and Plainville.

Charles (Chuck) Knipp is the son of Dan and Cindy Knipp, and is the grandson of Charles and Patricia (Brin) Knipp.  Chuck is married and has two children.  He is a professional welder and parttime rancher.  Chuck has brought to the board much needed youth that will help us carry on our history in Damar.

Vincent Newell trustee elected in 2017 is a Damar native living near Hays.  He comes from a large family of Armond and Ruby (Thibault) Newell.  He is a retired Hiway patrollman and still works parttime managing apartments in Hays. He is married to Cynthia St. Peter, also a trustee. 

Cindy (St. Peter) Newell also a trustee was born to Eugene and Marian (Balthazor) St. Peter.  She and Vincent have 3 children.  Cindy is a registered nurse and currently working. 

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 New exhibit at the French Quarters.  Stop by and see a collection of handcrafted miniature canoes, sea shells and other items that Len Schamber collected while serving in the Peace Corp in the late 60's on the island of Ponape in Micronesia.  Coming soon in November, miniature Christmas town exhibit by Linus and Deb Pfannenstiel

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