Our Ancestors were few but our Descendants are many
Our Ancestors were few but our Descendants are many

History & Ancestry

St. Josephs Church , the old and new. The original St. Joseph church (not pictured) burned down and was later rebuilt. Pictured left below was the rebuilt church completed in 1887.


Over 100 years ago, the now standing St. Joseph church was built on land donated by Peter Simoneau family and proudly marks the City of Damar.

To learn more about our beautiful church that our ancestors built over 100 years ago and go to (www.kansastravel.org/stjosephchurch.htm)


The Foundation is always looking for more old pictures, articles, or just old written stories from our ancestors. If you have something to share with us and would like us to possibly display those items, contact anyone of the trustees.


This section of the Website will be devoted to our history and ancestors. We will be collecting articles, old pictures and other material and will be sharing them with you in the future. If you would like to submit information that we can use, please contact us.

    Jared Tremblay, descendant and resident of Manhattan, Ks.  is working on bringing St. Joseph Cemetery on line with GIS.  He plans to have an arial photograph of the whole cemetery with all the burial sites, memorials and markers available to the public through his website _______________.  Once complete we should be able to locate and view the actual memorial tombstone, pictures, read obituaries and other information about our loved ones and ancestors.

     Pictured to the right is a new shelter house located at the cemetery erected by the children of Phillip and Verna Desbien  in memory of their husband and father.  Inside is a directry of all the burial sites along with a matrix map of where everyone is buried in the whole cemetery.

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 New exhibit at the French Quarters.  Stop by and see a collection of handcrafted miniature canoes, sea shells and other items that Len Schamber collected while serving in the Peace Corp in the late 60's on the island of Ponape in Micronesia.  Coming soon in November, miniature Christmas town exhibit by Linus and Deb Pfannenstiel

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