Our Ancestors were few but our Descendants are many
Our Ancestors were few but our Descendants are many

As our Slogan states above, "Our Ancestors were few but our Descendants are many ". It was our strong Faith, rich Family values and desire to Farm that lead our French Canadian ancestors to Damar and which will be the driving force for our Future. The Damar Community Historical Foundation (DCHF) was founded in 2014 by some of the descendants of the original settlors of Damar for the purpose of preserving that French Canadian heritage and by assisting the community of Damar with projects that will enhance preservation , economic growth and beauty. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable foundation which will be funded by Memberships, Gifts, Grants and Endowments.

In 2021 we officially changed our name to the Damar Community Foundation to best suite our mission.


In 2012, Damar, along with the St. Joseph's Church celebrated their 125th and 100th year anniversaries. (pictured below) The Foundation hopes that through memberships and gifts from our thousands of descendants future generations will be able to celebrate even more centennials to come. Follow the DCHF and City of Damar on facebook for more pictures and articles about our Foundation.  To learn more about the City of Damar, Kansas go to www.damarkansas.com

The current trustees and officers of the Foundation are as follows:

President  Kaylon Roberts

Vice Presidents, Jeanie Roberts, Denis Roberts

Treasurer James Desbien

Secretary ( acting)  Paula Desbien

Membership Chair Paula Desbien

Dennis Balthazor, elected trustee

Cindy Balthazor, elected trustee  and church liaison

Sandy Benoit, trustee (city appointed liaison)

Gail Stokes, trustee

Chuck Knipp, trutee

Vincent Newell,trustee

Cindy Newell, trustee

Kendall Curry,trustee

Kyle and Justine Benoit, trustees


Helping Business

One way to help our ecoonomy is to assist new businesses with start-up loans and grants.  Pictured above is Fonz's Spirits who opened a new business in 2016


Voluntary work

Our mission of church beautification is working when a group of DCHF members volunteered to install  newly painted hand rails in front of St. Josephs church

Become a member

Have you ever paused to think just how much difference you could make by doing volunteer work?

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